8 Year Old Weighing 200 Lbs Taken From Mother [VIDEO/POLL]
In Ohio, reports say that an eight year old boy was taken from his mother because he was deemed severely obese. The boy weighed in at an astonishing 200 lbs! This particular case has sparked debate on whether or not a child that is severely obese should be taken from their parents custody.
Lisa Thomas’s Prepared To Run The 1/2 Marathon
Well, it has arrived.  This is the week of the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  I am running only the half marathon part of it, but it's still 13 point something miles none the less!  This all started as a dare over dinner with my new "friend" and another couple...
Hey Ladies, Fight Cancer by Drinking Coffee — Health Check
If you’re one of those women people tease because you’re never seen without a Starbucks cup in your hand, you may actually be bettering your health. All that coffee might be warding off cancer.
Researchers at Harvard University who followed the medical records of more than 67,000 women over a 26-year…
Is Gum Our Secret Weapon Against Ear Infections? — Health Check
Painful ear infections, common among children, are frustratingly heartbreaking for parents. But what if you could stave them off simply by having your kids chew gum?
Scandinavian researchers have found “fair evidence” to support the conclusion that children who chew gum containing the natural sweeten…

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