Mix 93-1 Wants To Stuff Your Stocking
Mix 93-1 wants to stuff your stocking this Christmas with the hottest electronics of the season! The Mix elves have been busy buying up Wii U's and iPad mini's and we want you to get one in your stocking this Christmas!
Texas Woman Scammed, Buys Fake iPad
Something to keep in mind as the holidays approach: People are selling things everywhere! They're even trying to sell iPads at gas stations. But it doesn't always turn out to be legit.
A Texas woman was scammed out of $200 after a man approached her at a gas station and asked if she wanted to bu…
How Much Do You Love Your iPad?
We gave away iPads earlier this summer and there was big buzz and huge demand. Everyone wanted them. Hope you won!
Once you own an iPad, it turns out you end up loving it more than perhaps you love your own teeth. In fact, many iPad owners would rather endure root canal pain than part with their i…
Inside The iFactory [VIDEO]
Last night I was watching Nightline on ABC where Bill Weir was granted exclusive access to one of the most important manufacturing plants in the world, Foxconn (outside of Hong Kong, China).  Foxconn is the factory where everything "i" is made for Apple - iPods, iPads and iPhones.  In addi…
This USB Wall Plug Is Genius!
I may be a little behind on this, but I ran across this online and thought it was perfect, because how many times have needed to charge your phone but didn't have access to a USB port on a computer to charge it or your without the wall charger power converter?  It can be as simple as plugg…

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