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The Jonas Brothers Announce Summer Tour
The Jonas Brothers are back. No, seriously. With 'Pom Poms' dropping yesterday – the single and the video, since the Bros. Jo are generous chaps -- the boys have followed all that excitement by announcing their first North American tour in three years. So yeah, that's how y…
The Jonas Brothers Get Sassy in Semi-Awkward Interview
The Jonas Brothers have been making the rounds to promote their upcoming tour and album, and their recent stop on a Mexican E! affiliate was both revealing and somewhat awkward for the newly reunited Kevin, Nick and Joe. They were on a show called 'Coffee Break' and it seemed like they had…
It’s the Bonus Jonas Brother, Frankie!
That kid you saw before is Frankie Jonas, aka the Bonus Jonas! While he's not an official member of the Jonas Brothers, big bros Kevin, Joe and Nick always make sure that Frankie is in on the fun. He has gotten to appear in a number of their Disney features, including a recurring role on their …
Jonas Brothers Announce NYC Gig + More
- Big news for JoBros fans! Joe, Kevin and Nick are reuniting for one New York City concert on Oct. 11. But get your tickets soon because Brother Joe says they’ll be gone soon!

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