Ethel Kennedy Calls Taylor Swift ‘Sensational’
The press has been dogging Taylor Swift for months with rumors that her relationship with young Conor Kennedy is a source of contention for his family -- but in a recent interview, his grandmother went out of her way to express her approval.
Taylor Swift Pens Track About the Kennedy Family
We know Taylor Swift has a reputation for writing songs about guys she likes — and guys she used to like — but we’ve never seen her turn her prolific pen toward a historical figure. Until now, anyway: inspired by her interest in the Kennedy family, Taylor wrote a song &md…
Taylor Swift Dines with the Kennedys at Sundance
Taylor Swift attended the Sundance Film Festival for the first time last night (Jan. 20). Swift was in town to check out ‘Ethel,’ the film based on Ethel Kennedy. She hit the red carpet and dished on dining with her new, somewhat unlikely bestie.