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J-Si’s Water Balloon Revenge – KKITM Best of the Day
J-Si took his son Cason out for a walk yesterday in his neighborhood and Cason spotted a clean shiny truck and he wanted to touch it. The neighbor yelled at him 'No' and was going to squirt him with the water hose. J-Si compares the neighbor yelling at his son like he was a dog and that go…
The Tribute to Kidd Kraddick [VIDEO]
Last Thursday thousands of faithful Kidd Kraddick listeners descended upon AT&T Plaza at Victory Park at the American Airlines Center in Dallas to be a part of the 'Tribute to Kidd.' They were there to remember how Kraddick made them laugh, cry and inspire us all to do more.
Bruno Mars Remembers Kidd Kraddick – KKITM Best Of The Day
J-Si had the opportunity to sit down backstage and talk with Bruno Mars while in Dallas for his Moonshine Jungle Tour. Bruno Mars shares his feelings with J-Si about Kidd Kraddick's passing. Hear about the private moment Bruno shared with Kidd that he said made a big impact on his career!

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