Why Was Kellie Uninvited From A Party?
Kellie finally got invited to a Super Bowl party with a group of her friends, but during a commercial break she learned that she was removed from the conversation and all of a sudden uninvited from the party.
Big Game Appetizers That’ll Satisfy Any Game Lover
Americans are coming together to witness one of the biggest events in the world of sports on Sunday, Super Bowl XLIX! This years' big game features the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots fighting it out for the Lombardi trophy in Glendale, AZ.
Witnessing A Successful Surprise Party
I'm sure we've all been invited to a surprise birthday party, they're really great when they're pulled off right and the surprise is just that, a surprise! However, I'm sure we've been to a few parties where that surprise was ruined because the word accidentally got back to the one being surprised. …
Celebrating Halloween In The Office – The Dos & Don’ts
The past few years here at the radio station we've celebrated Halloween with an in-office costume contest and tied in a chili cook-off with it! It was fun seeing your co-workers dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoying some home made chili, because with cooler temps in East Texas, no…

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