Why Was Kellie Uninvited From A Party?
Kellie finally got invited to a Super Bowl party with a group of her friends, but during a commercial break she learned that she was removed from the conversation and all of a sudden uninvited from the party.
Witnessing A Successful Surprise Party
I'm sure we've all been invited to a surprise birthday party, they're really great when they're pulled off right and the surprise is just that, a surprise! However, I'm sure we've been to a few parties where that surprise was ruined because the word accidentally got back to the one being surprised. …
Celebrating Halloween In The Office – The Dos & Don’ts
The past few years here at the radio station we've celebrated Halloween with an in-office costume contest and tied in a chili cook-off with it! It was fun seeing your co-workers dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoying some home made chili, because with cooler temps in East Texas, no…

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