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Paula Deen Wins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
Food Network star Paula Deen found herself under fire when allegations of racism and sexual harassment came to light from a recent deposition. In turn she lost her job and was unable to save face, even with a strange series of apology videos and asking people to throw rocks at her.
Yet after all that…
Paula Deen Fired from the Food Network
Despite her efforts to save face -- with not one but two apology videos -- that deposition stemming from a lawsuit which revealed her casual use of the n-word (as well as other seemingly racist actions) has cost Paula Deen her job at the Food Network.
Paula Deen and Brother Sued for Sexual Harassment
Food Network star Paula Deen, who announced earlier this year that she’s battling diabetes, has another war on her hands: she and her brother Bubba Hiers are being sued for sexual harassment, infliction of emotional distress and assault.
Paula Deen Diabetes Rumors: True or False?
Back in April it was reported that the queen of heavy cooking Paula Deen has been keeping a little secret from us. Ok maybe its not just a little secret, it's actually a pretty big deal. According to sources Paula Deen has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and she's about to come clean …
‘Paula Deen Riding Things’ Blog Is Like Butter For the Internet
Paula Deen is no stranger to Internet memes: the Southern fried TV chef has been the butt of many a butter joke on the web. A new Deen-obsessed image blog called Paula Deen Riding Things is deliciously bizarre. The Photoshopped works feature a sunglasses-wearing, wine glass-toting Paula riding atop …