PETA Says Lady Gaga + Rihanna Are ‘Freaks’
Lady Gaga isn’t the only fashion conscious pop star to draw the ire of PETA, the animal rights organization. Rihanna is also being targeted (again), with the two starlets being dubbed “freaks” for their fashion choices deemed cruel to animals.
Lady Gaga Battles With PETA Over Fur
Lady Gaga has run afoul of animal rights organization PETA, since she would not rather go naked than wear fur. PETA is claiming that Mama Monster is a hypocrite since she has recently been seen sporting what looks like pink mink fur, despite telling her friend and animal lover Ellen DeGeneres on her…
Kim Kardashian Bombed With Flour [VIDEO]
Last night Kim Kardashian wast the victim of "flour bombing" while attending a red carpet event promoting her new fragrance line.  The flour bomb attacker ran up to Kim and dumped a bag of flour on her head while shouting, "fur hag!"
Janet Jackson Dubbed ‘Grinch of the Year’ by PETA
Even though Janet Jackson is inspiring people to be healthier with her NutriSystem campaign, the singer has a lot of animal rights activists shaking their heads in disapproval. The ‘Rhythm Nation’ singer has been named the 2011 ‘Grinch of the Year’ by PETA…