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Matchbox Twenty Spent $100,000 On Wine [POLL]
Matchbox Twenty have been in the studio working on a new album for a while now and when it's complete, it will be the bands first album in nine years. While hunkering down in the studio cranking out the new album, the band has spent more than $100,000 on wine!
Rob Thomas Waits For The Perfect Song [AUDIO]
Matchbox Twenty lead man Rob Thomas has been writing hit songs for the band and his solo career for 10 years now, but he's still not satisfied!  He recently told Vh1 Radio that he's always striving to write and hear the perfect song
Rob continues to write for Matchbox Twenty until he discovers that …
Rob Thomas Tweets About Dogs
We're all having a crazy busy Monday in between getting winners for the Mix 93-1 Payroll and all the events surrounding the East Texas State Fair, I wanted to share with you the best tweet I saw from Rob Thomas.  Now, if you're a dog lover you will get it...
Santana Feat. Rob Thomas – ‘Smooth’ – Retro Video [VIDEO]
"Smooth" was featured on Santana's album Supernatural back in 1999 and seemed to revive Santana's career.  The collaboration features Santana on guitar and Rob Thomas on vocals.  Rob Thomas wrote the song and had George Michael in mind to sing it!  The song ended up winning 3 Grammy Awards…