Proof UFO’s Exist [VIDEO]
From ET calling home to Mars Attacks the under lying questions that mankind wants an answer to are: Do you think we are the only "living" planet? Do you think that we are sharing the universe with others?
This video after the jump which was captured by NASA really makes you wonder…
NASA Captures Massive Solar Flare on Camera [VIDEO]
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Scientists Announce Plans to Clone Woolly Mammoth
It's about time, right? According London's Telegraph newspaper, woolly mammoths could be walking the Earth as soon as five years from now. Japanese scientists announced their intention this week to use cloning technology to bring back the ancient beast.
Huge Black Hole Found
Scientists say they've discovered a black hole about 60 million light years away from Earth, and it's really, really big.
The black hole, found in the M87 galaxy, is the size of more than 6 billion (with a b) of our suns.
So, that's where all my miss-directed emails go...

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