‘Smash’ Series Finale Moves to Sunday May 26
No one was exactly surprised when NBC's controversial Broadway drama 'Smash' made the leap to Saturday nights, effectively shelving the series as its second season continued to tank in the ratings. Now, however, it seems NBC has granted the upcoming 'Smash' season 2 finale a…
Megan Hilty Dishes on ‘Smash’ Season 2
Even though the first season of the NBC show ‘Smash‘ was kind of a smash (we’ll be here all day!), there have been a few shake ups on the show already, and all before the second season! Megan Hilty, who stars as Ivy, gave some dirt on season two.
Jennifer Hudson Joins Cast of ‘Smash’
Following the dramatic trial for the murders of Jennifer Hudson‘s family, J-Hud is now engaging in some more drama — but the kind that’s reserved to the stage and screen. The ‘Where You At’ singer has just inked a deal to appear in the NBC musical se…
Britney Spears May Guest on ‘Smash’
Britney Spears is about to get smashed and we aren’t talking about alcohol intake. The singer is supposedly in discussions for a guest role on NBC’s mid-season musical hit ‘Smash.’
Brit Brit is said to be a huge fan of the show and wants to appear. Apparently, Brit has sat down with the powers-that-b…

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