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Are Basketball Games Too Long?
Texas A&M has a big game coming up on national television tonight.
While it's great to be in the spotlight, with the TV time outs and regular time outs, are the games too long? Some basketball games might get a whole lot shorter.
Get Details on One Direction’s Olympics Performance
As the Olympics come to an end, people have been anxiously waiting for the closing ceremony, where the Spice Girls are set to perform (along with rumored Elton John).  One Direction have also been tapped to perform at the closing ceremony as well, and some details about their super secret perfo…
4 Funny Sports Fan Freak-Out Videos
An overjoyed Nets nut shaking with delight, a tantrum-throwing Clemson booster, a shirtless reveler celebrating a 'Bama win. Even if you're not the biggest sports fan, these videos of fans freaking out will make you crack a smile at the very least.

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