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15 Ridiculous Excuses For Not Going To Work
The folks at released this great list of the crazy excuses employees come up with. Admit it, not all of us use sick day when we are actually under the weather. Check out this list of 15 ridiculous excuses of why people couldn't come to work. How many of these could actually be…
WTF? Crotchless Panties Sold At Kids Store!
Imagine you are buying stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter. You see some cute snuggly girly backpacks, some princess dresses, some multi-colored knee socks, some lip gloss, and crotchless panties! No we are not joking! This is similar to what happened to …
Woman Eats Fancy Necklace That Boyfriend Hid in Cake
A Chinese man thought baking a $800 necklace into a small cake and then presenting it to his girlfriend would be perfect mix of romance and humor.
Unfortunately, Xaio Li’s plan backfired when his apparently very hungry honey ate the cake in one bite.
Man Climbs to Top of Skyscraper Without Safety Gear [VIDEO]
The latest craziness from our friends in Russia comes courtesy of this fellow, who climbed to the top of one of Stalin’s skyscrapers in Moscow without the use of any safety gear.
He did bring along a helmet cam, so you can experience his stunt from the safety of your desk ch…

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