How to Correctly Binge Watch a TV Show
It seems that most people have a TV show that they just can't get enough of. They've seen every episode, probably more than once, and still want more. For those of you who don't think a TV show can mean that much to you, I think you're wrong.
Watch a Montage of the Best TV Quotes of 2011 [VIDEO]
Sometimes a TV character will fire off a line of dialogue that is so good you find yourself quoting it the next day. The Huffington Post’s TV critic Maureen Ryan has compiled a list of her 11 most memorable TV lines of 2011, which includes remarks from the likes of ‘Parks and Recreation’s’ Ron Swans…
’80s Television Flash Back
The 80's saw the transformation of television.  With the advent of cable, and  CNN, HBO & FOX cutting into the monopoly  ABC, CBS and NBC help television was forever changed.  In 1986 Americans watched an average of 39 minutes of television news daily. According to T…
‘House’ Bombshell Preview [VIDEO]
Did you see the preview for the upcoming episode of House tonight? I dug it up for you -- just to make sure you are as excited about tonight's episode as I am. Though the content is WAY over my nine year old's head and I have to DVR it because I don't want him seeing most of what House does. It's…

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