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Couple Bids $100,000 To Hang With Tim Tebow
Over the weekend Tim Tebow held the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic in Florida. While the golf tournament was the main event, the thing that got everyone talking happened the night before. In an auction to help raise money for Tebow's foundation, a Florida couple bid $100,000 to spe…
Did Taylor Swift Go on a Date With Tim Tebow?
Taylor Swift barely had enough time to dismantle the rumors that she is dating ‘The Lorax’ co-star Zac Efron when another hot story about her dating life has surfaced.
The latest reported suitor of Swift? NFL fave Tim Tebow, who dealt with his own swirl of fame while leading the…
Tim Tebow’s World Gets Even Bigger [VIDEO]
As I looked around for something to post tonight, I realized, you can't escape him.  So if you can't escape him, post him!  From the obvious places like ESPN, to the not so obvious like the Drudge Report, Tim Tebow is everywhere. Even Lady Gaga had something to say.

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