5 Year Old Texas Girl Has A Run In With A Goose and Goes Viral
A 5 year old Texas girl's bad day with a goose has gone viral.
It all happened Sunday, when 5 year old Summer, her teenage sister Stevie, and their older siblings went to investigate a nest of baby geese in their neighborhood.  Everything was going just fine as the kids admired the birds...
Lady Gaga Shares Viral Video for ‘Hair’
You know that saying “Speak of the devil and he doth appear”? Well, if you make a video for one of Lady Gaga‘s videos, she might share it on Facebook and compliment you on your efforts! Gaga was feeling this video and its choreography. The video features her song ‘Hair’ and a troupe of teens dancing…
Not Everyone Loves “Friday”.
Media outlets are calling the viral video hit the "worst music video ever". Four weeks ago, no one had heard of 13 year old Rebecca Black. Now she is a web sensation.  You haven't seen or heard of the video "Friday"? Well, here it is.