Marie Claire magazine recently found out what Taylor Swift's biggest fears are along with what's on her bucket list and (kinda weird) what she'd like to have on her tomb stone.

In the feature the magazine calls, "What's On" Taylor reveals some rather interesting answers to some rapid fire questions from the magazine and it all relates to the phrase "What's On".

What's on Taylor's feet? "Red Keds and red polish [on her toes]".
What's on Taylor's nightstand? "My Glasses"
What's on Taylor's bucket list? "Get a college degree, somehow, someway"
What's on Taylor's wish list? "Contentment, a mint-green bicycle and the ingredients to make Shirley Temples."

Taylor reveals her biggest fears when asked, What's on Taylor's list of fears? She listed off five things in the following order:

  • Sea urchins
  • Googling myself
  • earwigs
  • cynics
  • getting arrested

One of the last things Marie Claire asked was "What's on your headstone, if you could write it?"

Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right." @taylorswift13

Which is a line from her song "State Of Grace". To see more of 'What's On' from Taylor Swift, jump over to Marie Claire!