It all began a couple of years back when a female Marine asked Justin Timberlake to go to the Marine Corps Ball with her and posting a video of her proposal on YouTube. Justin accepted and followed through with his commitment and that started a new trend of ordinary people making a video and posting it on YouTube asking celebrities to dances and proms. The latest video involves a teen in Michigan and Bruno Mars.

The teen's Jr. Prom is coming up in March and she doesn't have a date for the dance yet and is teased by her little brother in the video saying, "I don't even think Ellen [DeGeneres] could get Bruno Mars to go with you!" That's when Emily Torres shows her determination. She performs a parody of his latest hit "Locked Out Of Heaven" and changes the lyrics up to fit her situation and asks Bruno to the prom and then asks for Ellen's help.

Would you ever consider of doing something like this, asking a celebrity out on a date or to a dance by making a video and posting it on YouTube? What do you think of this trend?