Michael Garcia is winning the Internet -- and the hearts of his customers at Laurenzo's restaurant -- because of a stand he took for a child with special needs.

Last week (Wednesday, Jan. 16) Garcia, a waiter at Laurenzo's, sat two groups of regulars in adjacent booths at the restaurant. One of the families was the Castillo family, including 5-year-old Milo, who has Down Syndrome.

Not long after the group next to the Castillos sat down, they got up and went to another table.

"So we were sitting there and all of a sudden I noticed that the family across from us got up and moved to the back of the restaurant," Castillo told KTRK in Houston. "I thought, I wonder if they're moving because of us?"

But, Garcia knew.

"I didn't think much of it until I heard him say, 'Special needs children need to be special somewhere else,'" Garcia told the TV station. "It was very disturbing. My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, 'I'm sorry, I can't serve you.'"

"It upset me because he's a five-year-old little boy. He's an angel. He's precious!"

The family left immediately. The Castillos did not know Garcia said what he did at the time, but found out later.

"What went through my mind was that I was just so impressed and felt so good that somebody would stand up for another human being," mother Kim Castillo said.

Bravo, Mr. Garcia. The world needs more folks like you.