As music continues to evolve into styles where the lines between genres are becoming more blurred, that gives us the opportunity to dive into the best of 2012 without having to focus on particular genres. Last year turned out to be an outstanding year for music, no matter the format. From country to rock and pop and everything in between, we got to hear some great tunes. With that taken into account, I took this as a chance to pick my five favorite songs of 2012, regardless of genre. Now, keep in mind this is just one person's opinion, but I would love to hear what you think, and especially see your top five as well.

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    Fun.: 'Some Nights'

    With a mix of hip-hop, pop and some obvious influence from a little band called Queen, Fun. found incredible success in 2012 from their title album, 'Some Nights.' The album's first single 'We Are Young' vaulted Fun. into the mainstream, but the title track off this album takes the cake as one of the year's best songs. It hooks you from the beginning and as the song builds, so does the passion.

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    Kacey Musgraves: 'Merry Go Round'

    Kacey Musgraves' hit song carries a little something special, because Kacey is from right in our own backyard. The East Texas native is undoubtedly one of the superstars in waiting on the country music scene, and this is the song that's going to take her there. 'Merry Go Round' is one of the most honest, soft-spoken depictions of music I've ever heard. It's a look at heartbreaking small-town life, at the people whose dreams are constantly to "get out of town," only to never leave. Kacey is due to release her first full album this year, and if 'Merry Go Round' is any indication, it's going to be incredible.

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    Mumford and Sons: 'I Will Wait'

    Perhaps no band in 2012 faced the kind of expectations as Mumford and Sons. Coming off the incredible success of debut album 'Sigh No More,' this foursome had the challenge of following up with an album that would undergo more scrutiny since their place in the spotlight was firmly affixed. 'Sigh No More' is one of the best albums, front to back, to be released in recent memory. So, what would 'Babel' bring in 2012? The album's first single, 'I Will Wait,' accomplishes that so well. The song faced some criticism (like the album) that it sounded too much like tracks off 'Sigh No More' -- and even if it does (it doesn't), why change a great thing? Mumford and Sons is an honest, passionate band. 'I Will Wait' starts off strong and leads to a hook/bridge that gives goosebumps.

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    Uncle Lucius: 'Keep the Wolves Away'

    Austin-based Uncle Lucius is well-known throughout our area. A band full of southern rock, blues and country, Uncle Lucius is an act anyone who loves music should become familiar with. Uncle Lucius released its new album 'And You Are Me' in August 2012, with a great single 'Pocket Full of Misery' released to radio. But a song that may never make it to radio, 'Keep the Wolves Away,' is pure gold. It's a "diamond in the rough" if there ever was one. The song involves lead vocalist Kevin Galloway telling the true story of his father, who was injured on the job when Kevin was a child and how his family experienced the hardships and challenges along the way as they tried to "keep the wolves away." Don't miss this one, seriously.

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    Alabama Shakes: 'Hold On'

    It wasn't too long ago much of the world likely hadn't heard of Alabama Shakes just yet. A band with a sound not too fitting for radio, Alabama Shakes' first album 'Boys & Girls' took the life of a grassroots campaign and has quickly launched itself into world renown, mostly thanks to this absolutely incredible piece of music in 'Hold On.' Already lauded by Rolling Stone as the best song of 2012, 'Hold On' also is nominated for Rock Song of the Year and the band is up for Best New Artist at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Lead vocalist Brittany Howard has one of the best pure voices in the business, and the seamless sound of rock, folk, Americana and blues all engulf this one song, which is brilliant from beginning to end.