High school, talk about the glory days. And as great as they were, most people have a few things they would change about their experience. See if your thoughts match up with ours here at the office!

Everyone has a different perspective on their high school experience depending on which school they attended, how good (or bad) of a student they were and many other reasons, but this list represents how the people here at the office feel about their experiences.

One of the top answers around the office was that they wish they had learned more. As simple as it sounds, school was designed for learning and in high school that aspect tends to take the back burner. A lot of the focus in high school is put on social events and being involved in extracurriculars to make your resume look stellar for college. But if you really think about it, wouldn't you have loved to learn a little more back in the day?

And along with the whole push towards socializing, another repeat answer was that they wish they hadn't been tied down to one significant other during high school. As convenient as it was to have a boyfriend or girlfriend during high school for all those dances and football games, sometimes you realize that it's fun to be single too!

Some of the more fun things that we would change would be the food in the cafeteria, the extracurriculars we were involved in, the campus facilities in general (bathrooms and locker rooms specifically) and goofy morning announcements.

Although we came up with this list of things we would change, most people agreed that when they look back at it, high school was an enjoyable time in their life. Do you agree with our ideas? Share your own in the comments below!