While driving around East Texas on the Mix 93-1 Summer Pool Patrol I saw something that I think can only be found in East Texas! Then it happened again this past weekend while in Canton at First Monday Trade Days!

The first thing I saw that probably can't be found anywhere else, except in Kilgore, is right in front of Chili's on Hwy. 259 - the pump jack with the Chili's logo. Seeing this caught my attention and made me think, "only in East Texas"!

Then over the weekend, we were leaving Canton after spending the day at First Monday Trade Days and saw a school bus sitting near the corner of SH 64 and SH 19 that had the front end converted to look like pig and was painted pink that also displayed a message for Ben Wheeler. This again made me think, "only in East Texas"!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

I know there are some other things that I'm missing, this is only a start, help me out though by leaving your comments below on things that you see in East Texas that make you think, "only in East Texas"!