Last week the family and I spent some time in the southwestern part of Colorado in the small mining town of Creede, CO in the San Juan National Forest where we had a fantastic time. We explored this small town, visited old mining sites, toured an underground firehouse, drove through the mountains and explored the back country on the many National Forest Roads and saw all kinds of wildlife, waterfalls and spectacular views (despite the burned trees from last years' forest fires).

As much as I look forward to vacation each year, once I'm on vacation for a couple of days and away from home, I look forward to getting back. There are three things I look forward to getting back to once on vacation and those three things are:

My bed

There's no other bed like my bed! I love the way it feels and it always seems that when I'm sleeping in another bed while on vacation it's always too soft or it just doesn't give me enough support and I feel like I'm sleeping in a hole!

My shower

When it comes to my shower, I enjoy mine mainly because it fits me! In hotels or cabins, sometimes the shower head is a little low and I have to bend and contort my body in weird ways just to get the shampoo out of my hair! In addition, going to other places they don't have the water pressure like my shower does! Guess I'm spoiled!

My kitchen

I like the freedom of knowing that if I want a snack or a drink of something, it's just a couple steps away! While in a cabin or hotel, I don't have that luxury although it apparently kept me from gaining some weight because I couldn't do the late night snacking thing while on vacation this year!