Sometimes a movie comes along that I have minor interest in, but not enough to see it in the theater. I'll add the film to my Netflix list and wait for it to climb up my queue. It's well known that I have an affinity for Justin Timberlake - and knowing that he dated Cameron Diaz several years ago - I had some interest in seeing Bad Teacher.

The DVD arrived this week, and Tuesday after work I took the time to watch it while catching up on laundry and bills. Needless to say it did not capture all of my attention as some TV shows and movies do.

I thought it was funny, but it will not become a favorite. Justin's character appeared flat and uninteresting. I was much more entertained by Jason Segel's gym teacher the crazy Squirrel teacher that was desperately trying to get rid of Diaz's character, and Phyllis Smith who tries to befriend her.

What are you thoughts - do you think Justin should quit acting?