Today is the day the new custom license plates go on sale to support the TJC Apache Belles. Ten percent of the proceeds support the dance team. The new plates contain the image of the uniform worn by the Belles from the 1950's through the mid 80's. The uniform doesn't exist anymore, but it can give your car that retro-cool look!

The Tyler Morning Telegraph says this will be the only custom plate in Texas with a Tyler connection. Kilgore also has one, with the Kilgore College Rangerettes license plates.

You can order the Belles license plates (or the Rangerettes for that matter) through the only site that produces the Texas custom plates: You can also order over the phone at (888) 769-7528. The Belles plates are $55 for a year.

You can even pick your own letter and number combination. Something new to do online at work today while you're trying not to work!