The good news is, research shows social networking sites boost our self esteem. The bad news is, the boost in self esteem can make us fat.

Here's how it works, according to Science Daily.

After spending time on Facebook and hearing positive comments from friends, we tend to feel good about ourselves, and that lift in our spirits can cause us to grab an unhealthy snack. When that happens enough times, Science Daily says, we're left with a few extra inches around the waist line. All the Likes make us crave Cheetos apparently because Facebook usage lowers our self-control. Just when I was about to say, "Whatever!" I remembered the time Lucky Larry liked a post of mine, and then I went straight for a Ho-Ho.

How many of your friends post pictures of their big fat enchilada plates at restaurants, right before they dig in? Mine post their food pics daily. And on a Friday evening I can count on seeing at least one photo of a partially-consumed margarita.

Perhaps it's the self-esteem that makes us crave fattening foods after spending time on social media, and perhaps it's those tempting little carrots that our friends dangle too. If only they were real carrots...

Let's focus on the positive. Facebook makes us feel good. Join us there! We may gain five pounds, but we'll have fun doing it.