Tyler has come a long way with its outdoor and civil warning system, no longer do the sirens blare but messages are also broadcasted from them.  Today, the City Of Tyler along with the University Of Texas at Tyler, will be testing their outdoor warning system at 11a.

The test will begin city wide at 11a with a test message and then followed by a 30 second steady tone, then an alternating tone, followed with another 30 seconds of a pulsating tone and the test is completed with Westminster Chimes and the following message, "This is a test of the City of Tyler outdoor early warning system.  This is only a test.  If this were an actual emergency, you should tune to your local radio station.  This is only a test.”

In real life applications if the National Weather Service was to issue a tornado warning for Smith County you would hear a 3 minute steady tone followed by the following announcement, "Warning!  The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Smith County.  Residents should immediately take cover.  This is a tornado warning.”

If during the test you notice a system not working or experience other problems or have general questions you should contact Amanda Cook with the Tyler Police Department at 903.531.1030.