Most of us have an Mp3 player of some kind or a smart phone that allows us to carry digital music with us all the time. My iPhone has more music on it than I could listen to in one day - as well as an assortment of audio books, apps and data.

What I'm interested in knowing is what is actually in your CD player. I realize that they are on the way out, but my car which is currently four years old still has one and there is a CD in it. This morning I had the urge to dig through my CD baskets. I quickly rummaged through them and found that some of the artists in those baskets are still quite relevant today.

I found all three *NSYNC CDs. Their self-titled release from 1998, No Strings Attached and their final release Celebrity. Driving to work this morning I was jamming out to "Dirty Pop", and at lunch listened to "Up Against The Wall". I was saddened to discover that one of my favorite tracks, "Gone" was scratched and ruined. When that CD released, YouTube didn't exist. Lucky for me it does now.

In addition to my NSYNC CDs I also stumbled across my first Plain White T's CD. I first heard about this band via another band that toured with them, The Matches. My first exposure to the Plain White T's was via an internet concert streaming site called The venue, iMusicast, was located in northern California and while a friends was living and working in the area she turned me on to it. During that time both bands performed there regularly.

I remember my excitement when my Plain White T's CD arrived in the mail, and I even met Tom and the boys a few years later in Dallas when they were performing with the Matches at the Door in Deep Ellum. I remember seeing them perform Hey There Delilah, and thinking what a sweet song it was. I couldn't believe it a few years later when I heard it on the radio, and then the subsequent success of the song and the band.

And today, I have the pleasure of playing Justin Timberlake's music and the Plain White T's on the radio. It's pretty amazing to watch the growth of artists in one decade. They've both come a really long way.

So, Celebrity is currently in my CD player.

What CD is in yours?