These athletes are serious! Check out the video for the recent wife-carrying contest, won for the 4th time by a couple from Finland.

It got me thinking, what if we organized a similar event in Tyler? Husbands, are you strong enough to pile your wives on your shoulders and carry her over hurdles and through water without dumping her and without falling down?

Watching this video, I'm also thinking, "these poor wives." They're getting dragged through all sorts of dire circumstances by these dudes and they just have to hang on for dear life. A metaphor for life perhaps?

If nothing else, the video is entertaining, and a good time killer at work today.

If Tyler hosted a wife-carrying contest, where would we have it? Bergfeld Park might be a nice spot. The playground might provide a challenging obstacle course, and the amphitheater could be the finish line where the crowd gathers to watch the husband and wife collapse after using every last bit of strength. Then we could all have a big party with live music and food on a stick and celebrate the East Texas champs.

If this crazy event ends up happening, you heard it here first!