Unofficially the Tyler Police Department indicates these lights as the most dangerous within the Tyler city limits. We have all felt the pain of being stuck in traffic. Whether it is in the morning or rush hour, all people that commute into and out of Tyler know what a pain some of these intersections can be. So, for your convenience,  we have gathered the police department's unofficial list of the most dangerous traffic lights in the city of Tyler! Next time you are out and about, be sure to keep an eye out for these intersections -- you never know what might happen. More on the lights after the break!

  • 1

    Troup and Loop 323

    This light is notorious for being blocked up during rush hour. The influx of commuters from Whitehouse to Tyler makes this a place to avoid around five o'clock, not to mention the large amount of incidents that seem to occur here regularly. Wide turns lead to misjudgment of timing, which in turn spells out wreck for many drivers who frequent this intersection.

    Eliot Griggs
  • 2

    Highway 271 and Loop 323

    I have not been around this intersection too often, but I can see why it is number two on the list. A busy loop juxtaposed with a highway ridden with flying speedsters is a situation that screams out auto-disaster in the making.

    Eliot Griggs
  • 3

    Broadway and Loop 323

    This is an intersection I am quite familiar with, dangerous at morning and rush hour. Many drivers run red lights making long turns, in hope of a last ditch effort to avoid being late to work - however, sometimes these last second decisions can have terrible consequences. When there is a wreck here, everything stops; it is practically the central hub of South Tyler.

    Eliot Griggs
  • 4

    Highway 69 North and Loop 323

    This is also a risky intersection - Speedy traffic with a small window of opportunity to turn does not bode to turn out well. I cannot say from experience, but this split seems as it would be a very accident prone area.

    Eliot Griggs
  • 5

    Gentry and Martin Luther King Boulevard

    This intersection definitely deserves a spot on the list. People come blasting down the boulevard onto Gentry, and with wide lanes to maneuver into you would figure that this place would not have a high incidence of wrecks. But it does, and I suppose that is just the way it is.

    Eliot Griggs