The Research firm ComScore says sales this past Monday were around $1.46 BILLION. That's up 17 percent from the $1.25 billion total of 2011. We spent dollars like crazy online Monday. Don't you wonder how much of that was done at work? We didn't get much done at work that day. We were too busy shopping.

The UPS guy has been to my house two days in a row with deliveries. Does anyone else have a little cyber guilt for all of the separate online orders? I feel bad the the UPS guy has to make separate trips for little packages here and there. I wonder if he sees my address and gets mad. Not again! Oh UPS man, there will be more where that came from. We may start setting out cookies and milk for you, Fed Ex, and the Post Office. We'll be seeing a lot of you over the next three weeks.

After the holiday shopping season ends, ComScore says online sales could reach an historic $43.4 billion, which would account for about a tenth of all retail spending in the U.S. this year that excludes automobiles, fuel and food.

Ebay and have been the big beneficiaries of the online spending so far. Not to mention the package delivery companies.