As soon as you leave the first platform, it's a pure adrenaline rush! It's simply you, your roller and a line among the tall East Texas pine and hardwood trees at New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures!

This past weekend a big group of friends of ours (my wife and I) embarked on an adventure that left us amazed, laughing and full of adrenaline!

When faced with the question, "What are we going to do this weekend?," someone spoke up and said "Let's go zip lining!" and away we went. Upon arrival we were greeted by the four legged resident Winston.

Winston is a boxer dog and he was wagging his little nubbed tail and barking away! Before checking in we took in the awesome view that we were provided with by mother nature. We were, of course, standing on one of the highest points of East Texas looking all around we could see for miles.

We had a choice of zipping six lines or nine. Being the adventurous types we opted for the nine lines! Within our tour time there were other people in this big group from all over East Texas and beyond and this larger group had several small kids too!

Once we were harnessed up and received instructions on how to zip line during ground school we were soon on our way.

I was surprised to learn in ground school, that just placing my hand on the line above and behind me would make me stop! I don't know what I was expecting to use to stop me, but I definitely wasn't thinking of my hands!

Of course I was wearing gloves that were reinforced in the palms so there was no worry about my hand burning on the wire.

We had to get even higher to start, so we climbed up stairs leading to the first platform, the guides there were extra cautious to make sure you were hooked in at all times and I was soon faced with leaving the first platform.

It was about a 50 yard stretch and the guide said you're free to go! I leaned forward off the platform, sat down in my harness with my hands above my head holding the roller and sticking my feet out in front of me and was soon on the ride of a lifetime! It was awesome but I was soon at the first tree and I stopped in time to not hit it.

Our second zip line was a quite a bit longer, I think they placed a shorter one at the beginning so you'd get an idea of it! After you complete one line, you're clipped on to a line on the tree for safety and you're looking around at nature and seeing exactly how high up your are and in most cases you're above the tree line!

While zipping our way around the piney woods of East Texas you could hear the screams of others who were a little scared along with the loud screams of excitement from others!

By the time we were on our seventh zip line we were feeling more confident and more daring! We were letting go and just hanging by the roller as we went down the line. Others in our group weren't so daring but did let go for a short while and there was even one who went down part of one of the lines upside down!

So if you're looking for some excitement and looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do, this could be the thing for you too!