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  • Big State - Bigger Money
  • Texas has some of the wealthiest people
  • The former richest person on the planet

When you google the richest person in the world, that title currently goes to Bernard Arnault in France. Before his stock in Tesla floundered, it was Elon Musk, and he is making his home right here in Texas.

Since his takeover of Twitter, Musk has become a polarizing figure. Some would say a pretty unpopular one. Texas is used to polarizing politicians and now that is filtering down to some of its wealthiest residents.

Forbes lists 72 billionaires in Texas. To be in the top spot is a pretty big achievement.

Texas Is Home To Former Richest Person On The Planet

Once Cybertrucks start rolling off the assembly plant floor in Austin, and if that changes the course of Tesla, then that title could come back home. It doesn't look like Elon Musk is planning on moving out anytime soon.

There are many of these billionaires that you might not know, but you know what they do. One example is Airbnb founder, Joe Gebbia.

Here is the full list of Texas billionaires according to the most recent information from Forbes. This list is constantly changing, just like the number in our own bank accounts.

Most recently we found that Beyonce has an estimated net worth of about 500 million dollars. So let's compare what this former Houstonian has stacked up in the bank to the list of the 10 wealthiest individuals just for fun.

Texas Billionaires And Their Net Worth

List of Texas Billionaires And Their Investments

Who Are The 5 Richest People in Texas, Not Counting Elon Musk?

There are more billionaires in America than in any other country, according to Stacker. For some people, the money just keeps pouring in, as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is projected to become the world’s first trillionaire by 2026.

However, Bezos is not the world's richest person right now. That title goes to the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk. Musk owns a mansion in Austin but says his main home is a $50,000 rental from SpaceX in Boca Chica, Texas.

Forbes lists 63 billionaires in Texas, including Elon Musk. Let's find out who's at the top of the list in the Lone Star State for 2022, right behind Musk.

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