Many of us in the prime of our life are not runners, so it's incredibly cool to see someone who has reached the centennial mark, still running. Meet Orville Rogers.

His family and friends gathered together with him to run a collective 100 miles in Dallas in celebration of his milestone. What's pretty cool is one of those runners is a local East Texas Doctor, Rick Rogers.

"How wonderful it is. How great it is, to be alive," Orville said to reporter Monica Hernadez of WFAA. "I really enjoy life."

He still runs three times a week, and his birthday cake celebrated his many milestones. He was a WWII pilot. He began running at age 50, and wrote a book, too. He's run 43,500 miles run in his life, and has even received a gold medal at a recent senior race. Amazingly he has no joint or muscle problems.

Is there a secret to his longevity? It could be as he states, that he eats right most of the time, and has a loving, supportive family and many friends.

A life well lived.

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