Mother Nature can be brutal but at the same time produce some stunning images.

East Texans have been put through the ringer this week with the most extreme winter weather we have ever seen in Texas. It began last weekend with some freezing rain that eventually turned in to snow. Once the storm really cranked up, it dumped anywhere from four to six inches of powdery white snow across most of East Texas. Some areas saw a lot more too. This snow wasn't the typical snow we were used to getting. It was very fluffy, light and powdery. Much like the snow that Colorado or the northeast receives, mainly because the air high in the atmosphere was so cold.

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After the storm came the brutal north wind and the plummeting temperatures thanks to the polar vortex. During this storm East Texas saw its coldest night ever in recorded history, -6 (as in six below zero) in Tyler. That kind of temperature brought so much of East Texas to a stand still.

Once we were on the back side of the storm, the beautiful images started appearing on social media sites. Just fields and fields of pure white snow. Now that the temperature has been steadily increasing each day, some melting has started to occur. Thanks to clogged storm gutters on houses and water dripping off houses in all kinds of icicles started forming.

Some icicles were long and skinny while others were short and stocky. Some were crystal clear while others had a frosty tint to them. We took to social media and asked you to submit a pic of the best icicle that was hanging from your house. You responded. This is only a fraction of the submissions that we received via our Facebook page. You can still submit your icicle pic too if you want, just email me and I'll add it to the gallery below

This will be one extreme winter event most of us will never forget.

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