Yikes, 2 Chainz could be changing his name to No Chainz pretty soon after he was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco!

The robbery went down in broad daylight at around 4:30 PM in San Francisco, and the rapper's wallet was stolen after shots were fired.

According to TMZ, it sounds like 2 Chainz might need to start bulking up his posse. The rapper was walking in the 800 block of Howard Street when a suspect fired his gun. Subsequently, his entourage of 14 reportedly, "ran away from the incident like cockroaches running from a flashlight." Man, 2 Chainz, maybe your biggest problem is your weak posse.

We're wondering if the assailant was known to the rapper as the responding cops said that 2 Chainz seemed like he wanted to take matters into his own hands and solve the issue. The police said the rapper was clearly the intended target judging by surveillance video and when you stand at 6'4", like the rapper does, it's a pretty hard target to miss.

The cops are still on the lookout for the perpetrator, but they better hope 2 Chainz doesn't get to them first!