As far as the old "everything is bigger in Texas" axiom goes, it's pretty much true. It even applies to the shopping malls in the lone star state.

El Paso has several shopping malls with cool shops, mega stores and both locally and nationally owned outlets. Cielo Vista Mall is our biggest one but, no offense, it's got nothing on these 2 Texas malls.

They, meanwhile, aren't the biggest in the USA. In fact, the biggest mall in the entire state of Texas barely made the top 10 on the national scale and the second biggest is in the 20's.

The biggest mall in the USA is the Mall Of America in Minnesota. This behemoth covers 5.6 million square feet and has over 520 stores. It's even got its own freakin' zip code. (55425)

What Is The Biggest Mall In Texas?

Sitting at #8 in Americas top 30 malls is The Galleria in Houston, Texas. This sucker covers 2,400,838 square feet and, in addition to almost 400 retailers, has 2 hotels, an ice skating rink, a rooftop jogging track, 2 swimming pools and a private health club.

What Other Texas Mall Is In The Top 30?

Big D has the next big mall. NorthPark Center takes up 2 million square feet in Dallas and sits at #22 on the top 30. NorthPark Center has over 200 stores, over 70 of which are market exclusives.

The mall’s movie theater, the AMC NorthPark 15, was the site of the 2009 Dallas International Film Festival and has two of the nation’s largest theaters, each seating nearly 500. From the theater’s glass lobby, there’s a view overlooking CenterPark, a 1.4-acre garden in the middle of the shopping center. -

They also have a public children’s library and over 30 restaurants.

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