SHREVEPORT, LA - There is nothing more delicious to me than a nice thick juicy steak. I know we probably should not eat as much red meat as we do, but it's so tasty. We have some pretty good steak places in Louisiana, but none were chosen among the best steakhouses in the world.

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Who Put Out This List?

This list is published by World Best Steaks and it includes some swanky spots all around the globe. Only 22 restaurants in the United States made this distinguished list of 101 restaurants. The top 10 are all outside of the U.S. You will find spots from Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Austria, Hong Kong and many other countries on this list.

What Cities in the U.S. Had the Most Spots on the List?

New York lands seven restaurants on this esteemed list.

Chicago has six restaurants on the list.

Los Angeles has three spots on this coveted list.

Detroit, Miami, Denver and San Francisco also have honorees on this top steakhouse list. But if you want to jump in the car and drive to one of these top steakhouses in the world, only two are in close proximity to Louisiana.

What Texas Restaurants Made the Cut?

Jeffery's in Austin, Texas is #25 on this prestigious list.

Jeffery's Facebook
Jeffery's Facebook

Knife in Dallas is #52 on the list.

Knife Dallas Facebook
Knife Dallas Facebook

I wonder how much it would cost to order a meal at all 101 restaurants on this list? I'm sure the tab for just one meal is at least $100 at all of these restaurants. So, you can do the math, this bucket list task would set you back at least $10,000 and that doesn't include any of the travel expenses or any cocktails!

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