The 2012 U.S. women’s gymnastics team nabbed the gold at the Olympics, defeating Russia, who took the silver. Go girls! The U.S. women’s gymnasts have not won the gold medal since 1996, so it’s been a while. Perhaps that’s why so many pop stars were quick to issue tweets offering their hearty congratulations to the ladies for their big win!

Lady Gaga tweeted that she just wanted to “squeeze” the winners, who showed solidarity and true team spirit by holding hands. Even a Canadian like Justin Bieber threw ‘em props. He’s pretty much an American at this point, right? Sorry Canada! We just want to share him. Dual citizenship is fine with us if it is with you.

Kelly Rowland dropped a heavily punctuated tweet celebrating the Fab Five. Josh Groban, Jordin Sparks and Pink also weighed in with their congrats, too.

Clearly, we’re all proud of our girls from grabbing the gold! PopCrush sends a digital high-five to the gals, as well.

Below are all the tweets from pop stars celebrating the big win.

Watch CNN’s Coverage of the 2012 US Women’s Gymnastics Winning Gold

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