If the Oscars are like the electoral college, selecting the cream of the crop through an arcane and confusing process available only to an older, white, male elite population, then that makes the People’s Choice Awards the popular vote. It may not really count for anything, but it’s a surefire indicator of which movies and television programs people — real, salt-of-the-earth people, not those hay-stuffed scarecrows who purchase tickets at arthouse theaters — loved in the greatest numbers. There are noticeable differences between not only the selections in the People’s Choice Awards and other awards programs, but the categories as well. The People’s Choice must individually designate a Favorite Movie Actor, a Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, a Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor, and a Favorite Action Movie Actor, for the people shall never be satisfied until they are allowed to cover all of their most beloved bases. The category of Favorite Experimental Sci-Fi Movie Actor, however, remains frustratingly absent.

The PCAs unveiled their new slate of winners in a live ceremony from Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater last night, with major gold going to some films, TV shows, and actors that meet only with upturned noses at the more prestigious awards shows. The crowd-pleasing juggernaut of the night was exploding-car-ballet Furious 7, which not only took the Favorite Action Movie prize, but also the all-around prize for Favorite Movie. Channing Tatum took the title of Favorite Movie Actor, in the rare occasion of the People’s Choice Awards righting what is nearly guaranteed to be a grievous wrong perpetuated by the Academy — referring of course to the impending snub of ChanTates’ tour de force performance in Magic Mike XXL. Sandra Bullock was voted Favorite Movie Actress, a somewhat confusing recognition in a year where the woman only contributed voice work to Minions (which won Favorite Family Movie, presumably ironically) and a starring role in Our Brand Is Crisis, a film seen by two to three dozen people.

The TV categories were somewhat more straightforward, with the unstoppable force that is The Big Bang Theory continuing to amass awards hardware, like a snowball growing as it rolls down a hill. The show picked up honors for both Favorite TV Show and Favorite Network TV Comedy, with star Jim Parsons snatching the prize for Favorite Comedic TV Actor. (The award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy, a strange distinction but one that the governing body at the People’s Choice Awards felt like they had to make anyway, went to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) The Big Bang Theory’s relative domination underscores one crucial detail in the larger makeup of the People’s Choice Awards: the categories are labeled “favorite,” not “best.”

See the full list of winners below, via Deadline:


Furious 7
Favorite Movie

Channing Tatum
Favorite Movie Actor

Sandra Bullock
Favorite Movie Actress

Furious 7
Favorite Action Movie

Chris Hemsworth
Favorite Action Movie Actor

Shailene Woodley
Favorite Action Movie Actress

Selena Gomez
Hotel Transylvania 2
Favorite Animated Movie Voice

Pitch Perfect 2
Favorite Comedic Movie

Kevin Hart
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor

Melissa McCarthy
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress

The Martian
Favorite Dramatic Movie

Johnny Depp
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor

Dakota Johnson
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress

Favorite Family Movie

Taken 3
Favorite Thriller movie


The Big Bang Theory
Favorite TV Show

The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Network TV Comedy

Jim Parsons
Favorite Comedic TV Actor

Melissa McCarthy
Favorite Comedic TV Actress

Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Network TV Drama

Taylor Kinney
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor

Ellen Pompeo
Favorite Dramatic TV Actress

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Cable TV Comedy

Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Cable TV Drama

Kevin Hart
Favorite Cable TV Actor

Sasha Alexander
Favorite Cable TV Actress

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show

Dwayne Johnson
Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor

Kristen Bell
Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress

Person of Interest
Favorite TV Crime Drama

Nathan Fillion
Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor

Stana Katic
Favorite TV Crime Drama Actress

Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Network TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show

Favorite Cable TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show

Jensen Ackles
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor

Caitriona Balfe
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress

The Voice
Favorite Competition TV Show

Ellen DeGeneres
Favorite Daytime TV Host

The Talk
Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team

Jimmy Fallon
Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host

Orange is the New Black
Favorite Streaming Series

John Stamos
Favorite Actor in a New TV Series

Priyanka Chopra
Favorite Actress in a New TV Series

The Simpsons
Favorite Animated TV Show

Scream Queens
Favorite New TV Comedy

Favorite New TV Drama

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