For a majority of people the last time you played pickleball was probably in gym class at school, but this quick paced sport is picking up steam and becoming wildly popular in recent years. The next time you visit a park that has pickleball courts, if you glance over that direction, you will probably see the courts full, finding court time can be difficult even here in East Texas. Which is just another reason why it’s so cool to find out that the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championship is coming to Texas.  

According to WFAA, the tournament will take place Saturday, November 4th through Sunday November 12th at the Brookhaven Country Club located just north of Dallas in Farmers Branch, Texas. The organizers of the event are expecting more than 3,500 people both professionals and amateurs taking place in the tournament. That will be a drastic increase in the number of players compared to last year, there will be up to 65 pickleball courts that will all be utilized for the tournament. 

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What is the Prize for Winning the 2023 USA 

With that many people entering the tournament it’s going to be difficult to win, but whoever wins the tournament will be walking away with more than $150,000 which will be the largest win in the tournament's history.  

There Will Be Pickleball And So Much More 

Beyond just the pickleball tournament there will be live music, family-friendly activities set up with sponsors and local businesses also being on site. There will be a large stage set up for announcing winners and other various things throughout the fun event.  

If you want to know more about the 2023 USA National Pickleball Tournament coming to Texas, click here.  

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