Funny How Americans Under The Guise Of "Protecting Kids" Are Banning Books, Drag Queens And TikTok But Not THE GUNS That Are Actually Killing Kids.

When I talk to young people, I remind them to give their "parents" and other adults "grace" for the LIES they tell because just like them, they were young and idealistic dreamers but the real world and age made them jaded, disgruntled and angry about the dumbest things that at end of the day, won't affect them in the long run.

But what we're witnessing now is an incredible race towards STUPIDITY because a certain section of Americans are not comfortable having conversations about how other people choose to live their lives. That's why you've seen all these pushes to "protect children" from things that UPSET that part again.

Someone On Reddit Recently Pointed Out The Tyler Barnes & Noble List Of "Banned Books" Were Inappropriate For Children.


First remove them from public schools, then libraries, and now bookstores?
by u/seangolden06 in facepalm

A Reddit user recently pointed out that someone posted their "outrage" about one of the books on the Tyler Banned Book list at Barnes & Noble contained "sexual content" even though it doesn't say which book it is explicitly. So we decided to investigate and take a look at the titles in store right now so you can see and be the judge for yourself.

I Do Have To Point Out This Wonderful Moment Of Irony.


One of the books on the list is IRONIC when you know its history. The book "Farenheit 451" is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury written more than 60 years ago and it imagines an America that has BANNED AND OUTLAWED BOOKS. this is the America we're heading towards, an anti-intellectual factory of stupid "dancers" and no great thinkers, maybe that's what the "powers that be" want....regardless of "party".

24 Books Banned According to Barnes and Noble in Tyler, TX

Funny How Americans Under The Guise Of "Protecting Kids" Are Banning Books, Drag Queens And TikTok But Not THE GUNS or other real things That Are Actually Killing Kids.

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