This Sunday, many in East Texas will gather with their friends around a huge spread of food and take in the biggest sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl. This years Super Bowl features the Cincinnati Bengals versus the Los Angeles Rams. For NFL fans in East Texas, especially for those in Longview, they will be able to root on one of their own during Sunday's game.

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Super Bowl LVI is in Los Angeles, California this Sunday, February 13, at So-Fi Stadium. Many will be watching just for the unique and very entertaining commercials between game action. Others will be anticipating the huge halftime show. Others will actually be there to watch a football game.

East Texans and the NFL are no stranger. Many of our local athletes have made it to the professional level. While many have enjoyed a good career, only a select few have made it the championship game.

Super Bowl I

One East Texan even has the distinction of scoring the first ever touchdown in Super Bowl history, Max McGee from Overton. He played for the Green Bay Packers when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I. He helped lead to the Packers back to Super II the following season.

Ending an Undefeated Season

Another East Texan to contribute to Super Bowl history is Aaron Ross. The Tyler native played for the New York Giants. He helped lead the Giants to a championship win over the New England Patriots who came into that game with an undefeated record.

Only Team to Ever Go Undefeated

Another East Texan who is part of not only Super Bowl history, but NFL history in general, is Tyler's Benny Malone. He played running back for the 1972 Miami Dolphins who are the one and only NFL team to go undefeated through the season and playoffs and end the season with a Super Bowl win.

Super Bowl LVI

This Sunday, we will have one more East Texan playing in the big game, Travin Howard from Longview. He will help lead the Los Angeles Rams defense against the Cincinnati Bengals. Travin, Longview, and all of East Texas, will be rooting for a Rams win. Go add a championship ring to your hand.

Now it's time to see East Texas' long history of players who have not only made it to the NFL but to the Super Bowl.

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