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Anytime someone in Texas sits down behind the steering wheel, starts a car, presses the brake pedal, and puts it into drive, they are accepting a lot of responsibility not only for themselves but the passengers riding along with them. Drivers in Tyler, Longview, Gilmer, Texas, and elsewhere are supposed to know the rules of the road. But there are so many rules of the road to know about and then some that a lot of us have never heard of.

Most drivers in Texas know that you're breaking the law when you speed, text and drive (although many do it all the time), not wearing your seatbelt or obeying traffic control devices. Then there are those laws that are on the books that some Texans aren't familiar with, for instance, passengers are not permitted to occupy a trailer while in motion for example.

There's a good chance that everyone has unintentionally broken one of these laws at a time or two. As long as these strange laws remain on the books, you can technically still be cited for breaking the law, but there's a good chance the officer involved will only give you a warning unless it warrants a citation.

Let's take a look at four of these laws that could still get you a citation in Texas:

Knowing these four things could save you from having to pay a fine for not knowing the law in Texas.

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