3 are by Texans, 2 involve water and 1 is about a dark day in Texas ... and world ... history.

Texas has a universal appeal and mystique which brings folks from all over the country and the world to the lone star state.

Texans are pretty proud of their state too and a ton of songs have been written about the state and places within it.

Rock, country, jazz, rap, hip hop, bluegrass, blues ... you name the genre and you'll find songs about Texas within it.

We're that cool. There's way too many to list 'em all so here are 5 I chose at random to get you feeling a little more Texan.

The first 3 are places that really exist in Texas and the 4th is a thing that stretches across a pretty good chunk of it. #5 mentions various Texas cities.

Balinese - ZZ Top are the official rock band of Texas.

Maybe not officially, "official" but they should be. After over 50 years of their unique blend of country, blues and rock, they've earned the title.

This ones about a place that seems to be, not only pretty close to their hearts but, also a lot of fun.  (lyrics)

Possum Kingdom - The Toadies are also a home grown band, from Fort Worth, Texas.

Their 1994 hit, Possum Kingdom, is actually about vampires but Possum Kingdom itself is a lake near Fort Worth.

No vampires there but it is said to be haunted. (lyrics)

Dallas 1pm - Saxon are not from anywhere near Texas but they have toured through our great state many times ... and, I'm pretty sure, I've seen them every time.

This one's about the assassination of President Kennedy.

A dark day but a great song. (lyrics)

Baptized in the Rio Grande - Sons Of Texas hail from McAllen, Texas.

They recorded their debut album, "Baptized In The Rio Grande", after having only been together as a band for about a year.

Here's the title track.

Blind In Texas - W.A.S.P. aren't from Texas either but they're crazy about it. So much so that they showed some love to a few of their favorite Texas cities.

They must really like El Paso because we get mentioned twice.

At the beginning with the line "An El Paso Hellhole" and again later in the song when Blackie sings about the "West Texas Town of El Paso".  Enjoy.

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