We all have made mistakes in our lives, some bigger than others. Often times we can recover from our mistakes but when you do something that ends up taking the life of another person then you are going to be facing some serious consequences. When you kill someone it most commonly comes with a prison sentence. We’re going to look at some of the most infamous people who have spent time in a Texas prison with most of them spending time incarcerated due to killing someone else. 

Not everyone on this list killed someone but most of them have. There are other people that you will see on the list below that were robbers and gangsters. One thing is for sure, the state of Texas will absolutely hold you accountable for your actions. So, make sure you don’t do anything that could land you in prison. Hopefully that is an easy task for you. 

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These Names Go Back a Long Time 

While I was working on a list of people for this list, I was coming across names that crimes that were committed a long time ago, one of the people on the list below was committing crimes in the 1800’s. And you will find names with crimes as recent as the 1990’s.  

Let’s Look at the Infamous Names Who Spent Time in Prison in Texas 

I’m sure you will recognize some of these names and some of the crimes they committed, here is a look at 6 infamous people who spent time in prison in the state of Texas. 

6 Infamous People Who Spent Time in Prison in Texas

They committed very serious crimes in the state of Texas which is why these 6 infamous people spent time in prison in the state of Texas.

15 Famous People Buried in the State of Texas

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