Something has to be done. Someone knows something. People don't just VANISH into thin air.  It is your moral obligation to say something...if you know something.

  • Missing Flyer for Kimberly Flint via Rusk County Sheriff's Office
    Missing Flyer for Kimberly Flint via Rusk County Sheriff's Office

    Kimberly Flint

    It's been four months since wife and mother, Kimberly Flint, was last seen. Her wrecked car was found on Highway 84.

    Family members remain hopeful she will be located. NBC news reported that her son explained Kimberly is a homebody who didn't like to leave the house, nor did she like to drive. As a matter of fact, on the day she disappeared, she had declined her husband's suggestion they go out to eat to celebrate their son returning from a two-month long work trip driving trucks.

    So the search continues. From a dedicated website and Facebook page, to a GoFundMe page, to posts on social media, friends and family are making sure Kimberly's story stays alive in hopes of finding her.

    Anyone with information is urged to call the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 657-3581.

  • Sheryia Grant (
    Sheryia Grant (

    Sheryia Grant

  • Michelle Richardson (
    Michelle Richardson (

    Michelle Richardson

    On a brisk day in May 1989 Michelle Richardson, 16, went for a walk, something she did every day, and never returned. She's been missing from Palestine for nearly 30 years.

    According to a KLTV story, Michelle left behind an infant son, who is now in his late 20s. Michelle's family holds out hope that one day they will find closure.

  • Brandi Wells (
    Brandi Wells (

    Brandi Wells

    Brandi Wells was last seen in Longview in 2006. She had visited a local nightclub, a place she was not familiar with, according to

    According to CBS19, Brandi was new to Tyler and recently divorced when she vanished. She had just enrolled in Trinity Valley Community College to work on a teaching degree.

    Her car was found on I-20 near Hwy 31 three days after she vanished, and police have not had any new leads in years, but remain hopeful that someone, somewhere knows where she is and will help bring her home.

  • Kimberly Norwood (Facebook)
    Kimberly Norwood (Facebook)

    Kim Norwood

    Kimberly Norwood was walking with three friends in the Caney Creek Estates subdivision of Hallsville in 1989 and vanished when the friends separated less than one mile from her parent's home.

    Her family believes she was abducted, and although the home is now torn down, they still live close by and are hopeful for closure. The Marshall News Messenger did a follow-up story on the 29th anniversary of her disappearance, noting that investigators are still actively investigating leads.

  • Kelly Wilson (
    Kelly Wilson (

    Kelly Wilson

    Kelly Wilson was 17 when she vanished from Gilmer, Texas in 1992. According to the, she had left her place of employment to make the night deposit at a local bank. However, it is unclear whether it was Kelly who actually made the deposit.

    Two people were indicted in connection with her disappearance, but the charges were later dropped. Her disappearance remains unsolved and foul play is suspected.

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