There's a gas station and convenience store brand that Texans, especially in West Texas cities like Amarillo and Lubbock swear by and for once, NO, we're not talking about "Buc-ee's"

Of course in other areas of Texas, the "beaver" may reign supreme and is starting their trek towards global domination by heading east, but this Fort Worth based brand has decided to slowly make its way towards us too.

If You've Been To West Texas, You Know About Allsup's.

Allsup's Facebook Page
Allsup's Facebook Page

Allsup’s was founded by Lonnie and Barbara Allsup in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1956 as Lonnie’s Drive-In Grocery.

There are now hundreds of Allsup’s locations in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and its fried burritos and chimichangas have become cult favorites among road travelers and on social media.

The Company Announced Plans To Expand And Open More Stores.

Yesway, which operates the Allsup's brand, is expanding with nine new open or planned stores near Fort Worth and eight near Dallas.

And while Buc-ee's and other brands are going BIG, Allsup's is thinking smaller with  “bodega style” Allsup’s Express stores without gas pumps in mainly college towns to serve the needs of poor college kids who naturally LOVE burritos.

Allsup’s is opening a store every three weeks in mid-size Texas cities.

I'm familiar with Allsup's in my travels and I have to admit that the burritos aren't really all that great  to brag about but for hungry and road weary travelers through the West Texas plains, I understand its appeal.

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