Ahh, the grasshopper, our favorite jumping friends of spring and summer. They can be a very pretty mixture of green and yellow. Some are a plain brown. But a couple of pink grasshoppers have been seen in the Austin area recently.

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This is pretty fascinating. A viewer of Austin's KXAN sent in a picture of a pink grasshopper that had appeared in their yard. It's quite pretty for such an ugly bug.

kxan via Youtube
kxan via Youtube

And now, a second pink grasshopper was spotted in Dripping Springs, just west of Austin according to easttexasmatters.com.

So how does a grasshopper turn pink? It's a rare genetic mutation called erythrism, similar to albino animal according to National Geographic. It's not exactly a good thing to be a pink grasshopper, either. They are less disguised from their predators and more likely to become dinner.

Be on the lookout when inspecting your gardens or flower beds and see if you can spot this rarity of nature.

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