My inner teenager is balling her eyes out right now, because a Dawson's Creek reunion happened, and I totally missed it. In case you also missed it... apparently Joey and Pacey are still blissfully in love.

Not only did the cast reunite for an Entertainment Weekly cover, but fans of the series noticed that two characters still seem to be all touchy feely.

Fans of the show will remember that initially Joey Potter's character is all about Dawson who is all about the new girl from Jen. As time goes by, relationships progress and change. Dawson dates Jen, Pacey gets intimate with a teacher, Joey's heartbroken... before Joey and Dawson finally make a go of it.

Then something crazy happens, Pacey and Joey see each other differently. They fall in love, and for me the show was forever changed. Seasons progress, characters face challenges, and well if you've seen the ending you know what happens. I'd hate to spoil it for you. Episodes are available to stream for Amazon Prime customers, and as I watched the opening credits, I was disappointed not to hear Paula Cole's 'I Don't Wanna Wait.'

The song was a staple in my adolescent years, as it spent over year on the Billboard Hot 100, I believe in large part thanks to the show's popularity, but I digress...

Look at what was uncovered by observant fans.

 See the full reunion here.

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